I Was Asked To Nominate 3 Christians As Vice-President To Buhari But Insisted On Osinbajo, Surrendered My Right To Him— Tinubu

Former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu and Presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress has claimed that he surrendered his right and opportunity to be a running mate to President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 to Yemi Osinbajo who is currently the Vice-President.


Speaking at the presidential lodge in Abeokuta, Ogun State while addressing the APC delegates ahead of the party’s primaries, Tinubu said he had wanted to be President at the time but was approached by Buhari to become his vice-president after the latter’s repeated attempts at becoming the President of Nigeria.

However, as efforts were still underway to structure the APC properly, he said he had an obligation to bring in a Christian to become Buhari’s running mate as the religious views of the President, Vice-president and Senate President cannot be the same.


The party had requested three Christian politicians, Tinubu said, adding that he insisted on nominating one candidate.

He said despite pleas from various quarters to him to reconsider his position, he insisted on nominating Osinbajo who successfully clinched the position.


He stated, “Buhari asked me to be his Vice President, he said because the first time he contested, he picked Okadigbo as his running mate, a flamboyant, fun-loving Catholic but Nigerians didn’t vote for him.


“The second time, he picked another Igbo, Ume-ezeoke, Nigerians didn’t vote for him. Even if he brings the pope to run as his vice, Nigerians will not vote for him but you with six governors never lost an election before, come and be my vice-president.


“He knew all the calculations then favoured us but I told him to let us build the party first. And when we finished building and brought in people from the PDP, Saraki now saw that those from PDP will not get anything, if Buhari a Muslim is President, I a Muslim becomes the Vice-president, he won’t be able to become the Senate President because he’s also a Muslim, we all cannot be Muslims. That was how they started the campaign of calumny against me.


“So, I told them I have a Christian candidate that I can nominate to save this party. That was how I nominated Vice-president Osinbajo and surrendered my right to him.


“They asked me to submit three names, Yemi Cardozo, Wale Edun and Yemi Osinbajo, I told them if I bring three names, I have opened the door for a thief, you might add one more name and go for that fourth person so I insisted on submitting only one name because I am surrendering my right.


“I was approached by the Ulamas who wanted me to reconsider but I refused. That was how I nominated Osinbajo. That is the truth, I have not mentioned it anywhere else.”



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